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Flanders, Belgium
19 to 26/03/2018


  1. To deepen the understanding and be exposed to context-relevant, innovative practices related to process-oriented child monitoring, incidental learning and reflective practice by preschool teachers in Flanders. This includes:
    • Introduction on the Flemish early childhood education context, experiential education in Flanders
    • Process-oriented child monitoring in action: reflecting on action points
    • Discuss / reflect with teachers and school leaders
    • Observe incidental learning / play-based learning, differentiation in the class
  1. To create new insights and be exposed to practices of school-based teachers professional development (TPD) within the Flemish context such as:
    • Effective school-based TPD methods and systems in Flanders (need-based),
    • The role of TPD in promoting equity and addressing inequity,
    • Professional learning communities (establish, promote, support)
    • The role of school leaders in school-based TPD



Nine core group members of Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and Kon Tum provinces (three officers of the Departments of Education and Training of each province, six officers of the Bureaus of Education and training of the districts of Nam Giang, Dong Giang, Ba To, Tra Bong, Kon Plong, Kon Ray) 


- Early childhood experts of our structural partner KdG University College

- Early childhood experts of our structural partner CEF Education Umbrella Flanders