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This Term of Reference is made to call for two national experts to collaborate with two international experts to facilitate a workshop on innovative methods (i.e. applied theatre, arts ….) to address typical urban barriers to learning in the early years as part of the CITIES project.

For more details, please download the TOR below.

Methodological requirements

The national experts will work closely with international experts and in consultation with VVOB staff to have common understanding and agreement about the workshop. Sessions on skype/ZOOM before the visit of the international experts to Vietnam will be facilitated by the CITIES project team.
In line with the objective of VVOB’s education programme, the workshop will apply an active teaching and learning approach. The experts need to take into account that many participants may have very limited understanding of how emotion and social skills can help to increase children’ resilience. In addition, attention must also be paid to learning styles and behaviour of participants in earlier project activities3 as well as their limited capacity to transpose workshop content to practical activities in classroom of the teachers independently.
The flow of the workshop would help teachers to:
o Know theoretical basis of innovative methods
o Give guidance to apply in specific cases
o Understand importance of resilience for holistic development of children living in urban context
o Be able to use performance, art therapy e.g. drawing, music, improvisation, applied theatre,… in their daily practice
As with all VVOB interventions, this assignment does not only seek to introduce new pedagogical methods for teachers to use but should include an inherent link for teachers to be open to sharing and learning from each other and with each other (collaborative learning). VVOB experts will assist the artistic experts to design the activities accordingly.
All communication and documentation with VVOB are preferable in English.