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Context of the Consultancy

VVOB Vietnam is engaged in a 5-year program that aims to identify and mitigate the main barriers to learning in early years in 3 central provinces (BaMi program). Simultaneously it is implementing a 3-year project to address gender stereotypes and prevent gender-based violence through gender-responsive early childhood education (GENTLE project) being co-funded by European Union and Belgian Government.

Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The assignment consists of graphic design, illustration and advising on a package that has been prepared by VVOB. This package consists of different elements:
o Five A4 books with totally about 80 pages including illustration, drawings.
o A cover of the package in style of a schoolbag.

  • The package targets Early Childhood Education educators in Vietnam and this context needs to be represented in a diverse, non-stereotypical and gender responsive manner.
  • The package will be published both online and printed under a creative common licence. Your name will be included in the colophon.

Please download the TOR below for more details.