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VVOB is looking for a consultant (or team of consultants) to carry out the Evaluation of the CITIES project: “Community of practice Inspiring Teaching Innovations in the Early Education System in Vietnam

Please find details of the assignment in the attached TORs as the following:





Since June 2019, VVOB is implementing a pilot project in Da Nang “Communities of practice Inspiring Teaching Innovations in the early Education System in Vietnam (CITIES)”. This project is divided into two phases:

In phase 1 (1st June 2019 31st May 2020), the project focused on supporting its target group (early childhood education officials of provincial and district levels, preschool leaders and teachers) to understand urban barriers to learning in the early years.

In phase 2 (1st June 2020 28 February 2021), the project focuses on improving capacity of its target group to mitigate the urban barriers while making use of opportunities that city offers which is described in the overall goal: To deepen the understanding of the education system practitioners in Da Nang (and indirectly the whole of Vietnam) about urban barriers to learning in the early years in economically challenged communities and about opportunities the city offers to mitigate these barriers. Via school-based communities of practice, innovative methodologies that build on the Process Oriented Child Monitoring (introduced in phase 1) will be implemented and documented to contribute to the education system’s capacity to adapt to the fast-changing realities in society.

Objective of the Evaluation

The evaluation is to determine the extent to which the overall objective of the project is achieved. Specifically, the evaluation will inform on what/how VVOB should disseminate project deliverables for national impact in Vietnam and VVOB’s work in the future (in and beyond Vietnam).

The evaluation must be done in a participatory way. Therefore, it requires the evaluator(s) to incorporate inputs from different stakeholders as well as making sure that questionnaires/tools (if any), facilitation methods allow to get opinions from different angles.
VVOB staff will share their experiences of using participatory methods with their partners for reference of the consultant.

How to apply

 Kindly read the attached Term of References for details on proposal requirements. 

Deadline for submission: 21 December 2020, 5:00 pm (Vietnam time)

Proposals need to be sent by email to: and