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Context of the Consultancy

This Term of Reference is made to call for a proposal of providing service on producing videos and clips for CITIES project with following objectives:
- To capture project process in order to share working experiences (different steps) in urban context with relevant national and international stakeholders;
Terms of Reference for a consultancy on Production of a Video Documentary and photos taking 3/9
- To record conclusions during concluding symposium of the project to disseminate pilot experiences on support preschool education overcome barriers in urban context.
The consultancy will work based on different activities of the project (listed in table 1, section 2.3 below). These activities are organised by VVOB with collaboration from Da Nang Education and Training Department and Da Nang University aiming at:
- Improving teachers’ capacity in addressing barriers related to learning and participation of children for enhancing their wellbeing and involvement;
- Having a better understanding of possible barriers relate to learning and participation of children in urban context.

Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The consultancy is expected to produce one documentary video on project process, a video of the project symposium and exchange workshop, and 5 clips on 5 separate sessions of the symposium. These products will be shown in relevant project activities, papers and presentations and upload on VVOB’s website, Facebook, Youtube and other channels that are used by VVOB.
Duty station of the consultancy will be at venue of project activities in Da Nang and maybe in Hanoi or Quang Nam province and in the post-production facility of the consultant. The consultancy will work closely with appointed staff of VVOB to discuss and agree on the scripts of each video/clip right after contract signing and prior each project activity as well as to finalise the videos and clips with subtitle in Vietnamese and English where applicable. VVOB will be responsible for translation the content of the subtitles; and be responsible for having consent of people appearing in the videos, clips and pictures.
The products are required to be of high technical quality and able to transfer the project messages in cohesion of the objectives of this Terms of Reference mentioned in section 2.1.

Please download the TOR below for more details.