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The world is changing fast and with it the context in which children grow up. Education systems must adapt but are challenged by the pace of change. Da Nang is a typical example of a fast-expanding city. The Da Nang city services are consciously working to safeguard that the full potential of urban development benefits all citizens – in-cluding many newcomers. The urban growth can soon however exhaust the capacity of pub-lic schools while it can also bring urban stressthat the children experience into the classroom.


Education system practitioners in Da Nang and Vi-etnam are equipped with a deeper understanding of the urban barriersto learning in the early years and have established a community of practice that will contribute to the education system’s capacity to adapt to the fast-changing realities in society.


Starting from the teacher experience and by monitoring children’s development in an urban setting, the project will iden-tify the key urban barriers to early learn-ing of 3 to 5-year olds from poor families.The project will assist pre-schools in Son Tra Dis-trict, Da Nang City to apply the Process Oriented Child Monitoring methodology to guarantee a differentiated approach for children that grow up in a challenging urban context. It will also pilot an innovative methodology to deal with urban stress in pre-schools and gather academ-ic and government experts around the find-ings. This will start a community of education practitioners that can provide policy advice.


  • Da Nang Department of Education and Training
  • University of Da Nang – University of Science and Education
  • Department of Teachers and Education Administrators – Ministry of Education and Training