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VVOB Vietnam is looking for a qualified consultant/team to provide training and coaching to class teacher and core facilitators of Play day event to ensure good performance of these target groups during implementation of the project. 

Based on the set of LtP activities that are being developed by the VVOB experts and external consultants, the Consultants contracted under these ToR will be responsible to complete the following activities with results as follows:

  • A class teacher’s coach instructions
  • A facilitator’s training agenda and facilitation plan
  • A training and coaching completion report should be submitted to VVOB within 05 days after the consultancy services completed as the latest.

While applying to this consultancy, the consultant applicant is requested to submit to VVOB the team members’ CVs, proposal for this consultancy including # of working days; task assignment among team member (if a team application), proposed consultancy’s fees. 

Deadline for proposal submission: by 5pm, 14 August, 2020

The proposal be emailed to:

Please read the full TOR in the link below: