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Purpose, focus and objectives of the mid-term evaluation

Through the mid-term evaluation, VVOB aims to get an external assessment of programme progress and achievements, to identify good practices and seek lessons learned that can be used to improve the two programmes under review, for learning on a broader scale (all ongoing VVOB projects and programmes) as well as to inform the formulation of new programmes or projects.

The mid-term evaluation thus serves three purposes: accountability (through the independent assessment), for steering (through recommendations that will support decision-making for the remainder of the programme period) and for learning (through the formulation of lessons learned that will inform the organization and future formulations).

Furthermore, the mid-term evaluation will focus on a theme that is at the core of VVOB’s vision and thus relevant at a broader scale: equity. For both programmes under review, equity is an overall focus as expressed in the specific objective of each programme. Besides, the programme in Vietnam also integrated equity from a geographical perspective through the choice of working in the most disadvantaged and ethnically diverse districts.

The main objectives of this mid-term evaluation are therefore:

- To assess programme design and implementation approach from an equity perspective;

- To assess programme progress and achievements and identify what works and what does not work in relation to equity; and from there

- Identify good practices, challenges, gaps and lessons learned and provide recommendations in view of promoting equity for the remainder programme period and in view of future formulations.

The main users of this mid-term evaluation are the programme implementers in South Africa and in Vietnam (the two VVOB Country teams and its operational partners), VVOB globally (staff at Head Office and Programme Managers and technical staff in other VVOB countries) and the donor agency Terms of Reference for an Equity-focussed Mid-Term Evaluation of 2 Education Programmes 6/12 DGD. In addition, it is envisaged that the evaluation will also yield insights and lessons learned that are useful for sharing with the partners of the Joint Strategic Framework of Vietnam and South Africa in particular. 

Please read the TOR attached for more details.