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VVOB is looking for a digital media agency to provide the production and service for the online GALA event – a component of the digital campaign - during the period from September to the end of December 2020.

A valid application will include:

  1. A proposal on how each activity (as mentioned in the table in the TOR) should be implemented for best achieving goals. This is to give us an idea how you would interpret this assignment.
  2. A breakdown of the costs for each category in the table in the TOR.
  3. Your portfolio with at least 3 reference contacts of previous work assignments.

 Deadline for proposal submission: by 9am, 7 September 2020. The proposal be emailed to: and

A briefing information session to agencies who are interested in aplying will be held online: 02pm, Monday Aug 31, 2020. 

For enquiry related to the TOR, please contact direct to VVOB communication team via landline: 0243.2066.682

Please find details of work assignment in the Term of Reference here: