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On June 10th 2020, Ambassador Paul Jansen paid a visit to Belgian-funded projects in early childhood education in Quang Nam province and to present sanitary packages (washable masks, soap and hand towels) to preschool children. 


The Program “Mitigating Preschool Children’s Barriers to Learning in Disadvantaged and Ethnically Diverse Districts -BAMI (2017-2021) is operated by VVOB. 


The VVOB program focuses on improving the quality of learning of 3- to 5-year-old children in Early Childhood Education in remote ethnic minority districts in 3 provinces in Central Vietnam: Kon Tum, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai. The project strengthens the competences of pre-school teachers on process-oriented child monitoring and enables preschool teachers to address gender, environment and ethnic diversity barriers to learning and participation and to ensure deep level learning among all children.

During the school closure VVOB developed guidelines “back to school after Covid-19” to support the teachers to ensure the children’s wellbeing at their return to preschool after a stressful period during the school closure 

Ambassador Paul Jansen and the delegation visited Tra Mai commune - one of the areas of the BAMI programme. Being aware of the serious impact of the COVID19 pandemic on education, the children and their parents, the Belgian Embassy took the opportunity to present sanitary packages (washable masks, soap and hand towels) to preschool children and families.