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VVOB Vietnam - Education for Development and Vietnam Women's Union work closely in encouraging caregivers to actively apply learning through play to achieve the goals of the new curriculum for primary education and develop holistic skills of Vietnamese primary students.


On the afternoon of May 22, Country Programme Manager of VVOB Vietnam, Mr. Wouter Boesman, paid a courtesy visit to the President of Vietnam Women's Union Mme. Ha Thi Nga on her new appointment and had a meeting to discuss the cooperation on the project "Integrating Play-based Learning Activities for Young learners in Vietnam" (iPlay project).

President Nga acknowledged and appreciated the close cooperation relationship between VVOB and Vietnam Women's Union in recent years. For the iPlay project, President Ha Thi Nga expressed her agreement with the spirit of "Learning through play, play and learn" to bring the most comprehensive development benefits to Vietnamese children.


She said: “As a mother a teacher, I hope that through the project, the role of Vietnamese women in education will be increased”.


During the official meeting with Vice President of the Women's Union Tran Thi Huong, Mr. Wouter Boesman expressed his gratitude for the great support and contributing ideas of the Union.

Mr. Wouter Boesman said: “VVOB Vietnam believes that the iPLAY project will provide equal learning opportunities for both boys and girls, especially for children in mountainous and ethnic minority areas.


“The Women's Union plays an important role to help connect and encourage caregivers to support and apply Learning through Play to help children develop holistic skills, enhance interest and learning effectiveness”.


Appreciating the meaning of the iPlay project, especially in the context that Vietnamese children are currently living with a high pressure on academic learning, Vice President Huong said that learning through play will help to develop both physical and mental aspects for Vietnamese children. Besides, if the parents support children learning through playing at home also create closeness, sharing and happy families. This is also one of the important tasks of the Vietnam Women's Union.

iPlay Vietnam project will be implemented in Vietnam from 2019 - 2023 to contribute to the goals of the new curriculum by integrating Learning through Play into teachers professional development system.


To further foster an enabling environment for LtP, VVOB cooperates with the NWU to organize community outreach activities for caregivers in order to change prevailing social norms that prioritize cognitive skills development at the detriment of social, physical, emotional and creative skills development


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