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VVOB is offering funds to preschools of mountainous communes in Central Vietnam to encourage environment related initiatives. 12 preschools of 6 districts of the Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Kon Tum provinces received up to 2800 euros each to implement their project from October to December. 

Contest for receiving funds

In May 2017, 21 participating schools submitted their ideas for environment projects to VVOB. VVOB selected 12 of them, based on their feasibility and relevance. During summer, VVOB worked with the school leaders to help them refine their proposals. 5 schools of Quang Nam, 3 in Quang Ngai and 4 in Kon Tum are ready to implement various projects.

Raise awareness and ensure safe schools for children 

The winning schools’ projects include:

  • creating toys from recycled waste and local materials,
  • shaping clean and green learning environments,
  • raising awareness of children, parents and teachers about environment protection,
  • educating children on how to protect themselves against accidents and natural/man-made disasters,
  • building a fence and gate for protection against landslides,
  • organising a session to clean up the school,
  • planting trees,
  • repairing and building a playground for children to play outside and discover nature,
  • training school staff on recycling, and installing rubbish bins to sort waste…

Mitigate environment-related barriers to learning

VVOB and the Departments of Education and Training of Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Kon Tum are working together on a 5-years programme to sustainably improve the quality of education for preschool children of disadvantaged and ethnically regions of Central Vietnam.

Thanks to technical support, teachers and school leaders will be able to address barriers to learning and participation… Children can be prevented from learning because of many barriers, including some related to environment, gender and ethnic diversity. The objective is that all children can learn at deep level and develop to their full potential.

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