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Students of Thai Nguyen Teacher Training College is calculating the width of Bridge river 

VVOB supports teacher training institutes in the application of problem-based learning (PBL) methodology to organise outdoor activities.

During the period of January and February 2010, the teacher training colleges of Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh and Nghe An organized field trips for their students. The teachers designed PBL modules for outdoor activities after they themselves had attended a three-day training workshop in September 2009 .

The Thai Nguyen teacher training college held a half-day excursion at a location close to the college. Students visited a number of points along the Bridge river bank, explored the biological problems and measured the width, depth and water flow.

The teachers of Quang Ninh teacher training college together with their students organized a study trip in Yen Tu relic temple where there is a system of pagoda, temple, tower and forest intertwined with the natural landscape, scattered from Red slope to Yen mountain. In Nghe An, the group of teachers and students organized trips to Quyet mountain, historic monument and Quang Trung temple. Both are a convenient location for exploring environmental issues, protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

In all three outdoor activities, students had the opportunity to practice techniques such as mind maps, participatory interviews and problem tree. Teachers took the role of guiding, encouraging students to actively solve the problems in the activites.

Students expressed an interest in this learning method because similar activities did not often take place at the college. The experience and lessons learned from the outdoor activities at 3 teacher training colleges will be included in the general module of teaching methods that VVOB is developing and expect to be completed in June 2010.

Quang Nam University and Pham Van Dong University in Quang Ngai will organize similar activities in late March 2010.