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The practical guide for teachers ‘Supporting Children’s Wellbeing and Involvement in the 
preschool’ has been developed by VVOB Vietnam to support teachers in developing the 
skills and knowledge needed to implement a refective practice to support all children’s 
learning. This refective practice merges together two internationally recognized best prac-
tices that support teachers in ensuring children’s learning through inclusive, quality educa-
tion environments: (i) the process-oriented child monitoring system for early years (Laevers, 
Moons & Declerq, 2012) and (ii) the Index for inclusion (Booth & Ainscow, 2016). 

The process-oriented child monitoring system ofers the foundation to understand chil-
dren’s learning through well-being and involvement as process indicators and ofers con-
crete inspiration for teachers to take actions based on the action points for experiential edu-
cation. To better understand barriers of children at risk of not learning, VVOB Vietnam’s 
approach has integrated the barrier concept which is promoted by the Index for inclusion.