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It is stated in Article 14 of the Law on Gender Equality of Vietnam that "Men and women are equal to select their own study". However, the selection may also be affected more or less by gender bias coming from educational environment, family, school and society. Therefore, it is necessary to create equal opportunities and conditions for male and female students in learning, exploring themselves and exploring the world of careers to ensure that their study and career choices would not be negatively affected by the issues of gender.

To achieve this, the career guidance (CG) practitioners must be equipped with basic knowledge about gender to be able to examine, identify and eliminate gender stereotypes based on traditional roles that limit options and hinder the professional development of male and female students.

The handbook "Gender mainstreaming in career guidance" will help raise practitioners’ awareness on gender and enhance their capacities to develop measures for gender mainstreaming in CG. This handbook includes main contents: Basic concepts of gender; the application of these concepts in CG activities; guidelines on mainstreaming gender issues in the development of CG competences for students and CG management.

The material was used in trainings in CG program (2011-2015) in two provinces of Quang Nam and Nghe An and then evaluated and included in the national references list by the Department of Teachers and Educational Administrators, Ministry of Education and Training.