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For the last years, MOET has paid much attention to the issue of ICT integration in teaching and education management. During 2011-2012, a large number of teachers from the five provinces in VVOB Vietnam education programme participated in trainings in ICT 4 ATL. In order to contribute to improving school managers’ capacity, in 2013, VVOB Vietnam and the five DOETs jointly developed the manual ICT for School Management, focusing on specific ICT tools which are user-friendly and useful in different aspects of school management. The manual has been reviewed by Department of Teachers and Education Administrators and approved as meeting requirments for in-service trainings.   

The manual has been structured in such a way so that trainers can use it for in-service trainings and meanwhile, it can also be used as a reference material for school managers in their daily practice.

To meet this two-fold objective, the manual is structured as follows:

Part I – ICT for School Managment
Part II – Google Apps.
Part III – Mind Manager
Part IV – Excel

Each part includes:

A. Introduction
B. Activities
C. Materials for the activities
D. Self-test
E. Reference material

The manual is expected to provide school managers with useful tools and help them manage schools in a more effective way.