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In this report we share the findings of the second survey round on ICT in education in Vietnam. In June 2012, 26 respondents were asked to assess ten ICT in education dimensions, as well 97 targets and priorities that were identified in a first survey round on their importance in the context of education in Vietnam. The objective of this panel study is twofold:

  • to achieve a consensus on the priorities for ICT in education in Vietnam;
  • to prioritize the targets to identify possible areas for collaboration.

Consensus has been achieved on the importance of 62 items (out of 97) and these items are on average perceived as important (25), most important (32) or even crucial (5) targets or priorities for 2020. In the extended report we list these items from highest to lowest level of perceived importance. The 35 items on which no consensus has been achieved are listed from lowest consensus to highest consensus. As seen in the related qualitative comments from the respondents, most of these items address more controversial issues on which different opinions exist.


The 62 items on which consensus has been achieved will be shared during an upcoming ICT in education meeting with the stakeholders in an effort to facilitate and enhance further cooperation.

For the 35 items on which no consensus has been achieved, the key players that participated in the second survey round will be invited to take part in a third and final survey round to review each of these items. In this final survey round, all respondents will also be asked to share their vision on the role of ICT in education in Vietnam for the future and to imagine how the education landscape should look like by 2020.