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On 16 March, 32 key players in the field of ICT in education in Vietnam from more than 20 different organizations from the public and private sector as well as development partners and educational researchers, met in Hanoi for a meeting on ICT in education. To facilitate dialogue and cooperation, VVOB introduced the framework of ten dimensions of ICT in education that were identified by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO, 2010). All key players have been invited to complete an online survey to share their opinion on the current status and targets for 2020 on each of these dimensions for Vietnam.

The current report is based on input from this survey. In this report, you can find a summary of the perception of the respondents on the current status of ICT in education in Vietnam. At the same time, the first survey round led to a large amount of suggested targets (about 100) for 2020.

It is clear that this overload of suggestions will not spear point cooperation. Therefore, in a second survey round, all key players will be invited to prioritize the different suggestions and targets. All key players will be asked to assess each of the suggestions on their relevance/importance/feasibility in the context of education in Vietnam. This will hopefully result in a more focused and concrete list of priorities that could be the starting point for cooperation between different key players.