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This toolbox aims to show how ICT can be used for Active Teaching and Learning (ATL) to take place, and to prepare teachers for a changed teacher role. The toolbox is an introduction to some tools which can be used for ATL. All the tools and instructional designs address the process where teachers and learners are constructing knowledge and insight in the world around them through active exploration, experimentation and reflection, in interaction with each other and the learning materials. The starting point of the selection of these tools was that they are easy to use by teachers and learners, easy to find and (mostly) available for free. The tools and technology enhanced instructional designs all have the potential to innovate and/or transform teaching and learning practice. The different tools can for example support collaborative learning, problem solving, meaningful learning,…

In this toolkit, the following tools and instructional designs are introduced:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Photo Story Telling
  • Shared Writing
  • Simulation
  • Practice and Drill
  • Webquest
  • Presentation

The toolkit is the result of a series of training and workshops on ICT for ATL for teacher trainers of the 5 partner TTIs of VVOB. After feedback and revisions from the ICT core group, VVOB programme coordinators compiled and edited all materials, which resulted in a self-study package which can as well be used as a training tool and as a stimulus for collaborative work.

The printed book comes with an interactive CD which guides the user through a series of video-examples, lesson plans and other background information as well as researh papers on the different instructional designs. A needs assessment test on technological-pedagogical knowledge can be taken as well as a revision test on ICT for ATL.