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The training manual "Lower Secondary School Principals with the management of Life Values-Life Skills Education and Effective Communication" is intended for the use in a two-day workshop. The manual includes three sub-topics which are Lower Secondary School Principals with the management of:

  • Life Values Education;
  • Life Skills Education; and
  • Effective Communication.

Within the framework of Child-Friendly Schools, educating students life skills is one of the criteria to evaluate and rank schools. However, it is important to note that life skills education should be started from their underlying foundation which is life values. In other words, students should be first taught life values and then life skills.

Effective communication in educational management is on the one hand a life skill which is of great importance to school managers. On the other hand, it is one of the criteria in the set of standards of school principals.

The manual have been used in the multiplication trainings to nearly 3000 lower secondary school managers in the five project provinces with positive feedback from the participants.

The manual was developed by Dr. Luc Thi Nga, former Dean of the Faculty of Educational Management, Hanoi College of Retraining Educational managers in consultation with the core group of 40 members who are from Department of Education and Training, Bureaus of Education and Training and Lower Secondary Schools.