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The manual on ‘Assessment and Evaluation of Active Teaching and Learning (ATL)’ supports a two-day training on the same topic for teacher trainers. It is the final module developed as part of the ATL Teacher Training package.

The objectives of the training course on assessment and evaluation facilitated by the manual are that by the end participants will be able to evaluate in a broad, holistic, competence-oriented way situations of ATL, that they can use appropriate assessment tools and design appropriate evaluation materials.

With a broad, holistic, process-oriented and competence-based assessment approach, assessment and evaluation will be more appropriate to the demands of the society in the 21th century. This approach uses strategies, tools, techniques that reveal what learners can do, emphasizing their strengths instead of their weaknesses. This assessment approach works well in learner-centered classrooms because they are based on the idea that students can evaluate their own learning and learn from the evaluation process. This approach is characterized by a formative dialogue and is a way to connect assessment with learning: it includes assessment of learning, assessment as learning and assessment for learning.

The manual was developed by Ms. Leen Pil from the Centre for Experiential Education (CEGO, University of Leuven (Belgium)), the 25 members of the methodology core group (didactics and methodology experts from VVOB’s 5 partner institutes) and the coordinator of VVOB’s teacher training programme.