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VVOB Vietnam is looking for a qualified consultant/team for graphic design, illustration and advising on a package that has been prepared by VVOB. This package consists of different elements: 

  • A soft copy (word document format) of manual with 2 parts and in total 7 chapters, each chapter includes text, illustration, photos, and drawings. 
  • There is an English and a Vietnamese version.
  • The provided word document already uses a clear structure and systematic use of colour/lay out to refer to similar content throughout the document.
  • The service provider should create for each part a booklet (in total 2 booklets), while knowing that in the future a third part (and booklet) will be added.

The package targets Early Childhood Education educators in Vietnam and this context needs to be represented in a diverse, non-steoreotypical and gender responsive manner. 

The final products will be published both online and printed. 

Please look at the attached TOR for details on proposal requirements. 

Deadline for proposal submission: by 9:00am, 13th Oct, 2020

The proposal should be emailed to:

Please read the full Terms of Reference (TOR) in the link below: