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The consultancy is expected to deliver:

1.Final products:

  • 1 teaser/introducing video about POM material to cover the 2 objectives: 1st. Brief introduce what is POM; 2nd. Create interest in reading/learning POM. Expected duration for this video is 3-5 minutes.
  • Series of videos of good practices of 8 action points in POM. Expected duration for each video is 3-5 minutes.

2. Raw film during the shooting projects with the following expected scenes:

  • Interacting scenes of teachers and children: at entrance gates, front of class, and during class activities.
  • Only for Quang Nam Provinces: Each filming location will have at least an interview with parents, a teacher, a school leader, and a school child. Each interviewee expected to answer a set of prepared 4-5 questions in around 20 minutes. The footage will shoot the interviewees only. Only raw films are needed for those interview, no editing involved.

Filming locations will be in Quảng Nam province ( 2 filming locations), and Quảng Ngãi province (2 filming locations). 

Please look at the attached TOR for detail technical quality and proposal requirements. 

Deadline for proposal submission: by 9:00am, 8th Oct, 2020

The proposal should be emailed to:

Please read the full Terms of Reference (TOR) in the link below: