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Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The purpose of the present call is to collect quotations from qualified firms to provide design and printing services on Designing (graphic design and layout) and Printing the two Materials of iPLAY project - (1) LtP pedagogical guide and (2) TPD peer-learning roadmap with following objectives:

  • To proofread, design and layout the text of the two materials into web and printable format (including book covers).
  • Process procedures for the copyright and publishing licence for these two materials
  • Manuscript formatting of up to 70 pages x 2 Materials (English or Vietnamese), ensuring that the materials are attractive, useful, educational; font, character style, line spacing, paragraph style, pages numbers, margins, and layout all meet an editor’s expectations. The designed materials must include title page, copyright page, table of contents, photos, illustrations, charts, tables, graphics, infographics, bibliographies, annex, etc. The materials target Primary Education educators in Vietnam and this context needs to be represented in a diverse, non-stereotypical and gender responsive manner.
  • To edit the design and make suggestions to improve its flow and unison
  • Top-quality printing of 6,000 copies of LtP Guide + 6,000 copies of Peer-Learning Roadmap Guide in Vietnamese and 500 copies x 2 Materials in English. Size depending on creative concept proposal, using A4 as reference , print 4/4-colour (CMYK), paper inside 140g, Cover 250g, .
  • The materials will be published both online and printed under a creative common licence.
  • Delivered at Hanoi/ Danang, Vietnam. 

A valid application will include:

  • A draft or sample of a design, illustration or editing proposal. This is to give us an idea how you would interpret this assignment.
  • A sample of your portfolio.
  • At least 3 reference contacts of previous work assignments.
  • Proposed timeline.
  • Please include a breakdown of the costs of the single elements (graphic design/layout, illustrations, editing, printing test versions and printing the total quantity).

Deadline for proposal submission: by 9am, 03 August, 2020

The proposal be emailed to: hanh.dth@vvob.org

Please read the TOR below for more details.