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In an effort to support teacher training universities and colleges in the education program of the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (hereinafter referred to as VVOB Vietnam), we have hereby developed the Guide to Innovative Leadership.

The Guide provides readers with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their management and leadership competency within the Vietnamese education system. We expect readers, as a result of reading it, to:

  • Change their perceptions of innovative leaders in an educational organization;
  • Choose leadership styles appropriate for individual people and situations;
  • Develop a performance coaching plan for employees in line with work requirements;
  • Effectively manage task performance of employees and produce accurate assessments of the same;
  • Develop feedback skills on task performance of employees to improve their performance.

The Guide can be used as a reference material during the management process, or a training material delivered in a two-day training session on innovative leadership.


Note: Since this is the first edition, the Guide will undoubtedly contain various errors, so we welcome constructive feedback from readers.