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VVOB Vietnam is looking for a qualified consultant/team to design and implement a trajectory focussed on local stories as levers for language-rich and culturally diverse adult-child interactions in pre-schools of the Central Region of Vietnam. The consultancy will complement the capacity development (i.e.,CD) provided through the 2019-2020 trajectory (see attached TOR). The consultant will assess the current situation regarding valuing diversity in the classrooms, then develop and implement a variety of capacity development activities for the target group, including on-site support in the actual stories collecting and the transposing of the local stories into learning activities in pre-schools.

The key objectives of the consultancy are:

  1. To assess the current practice on valuing diversity and the classroom and identifying learning needs.
  2. To support teachers in collecting stories from the community.
  3. To support teachers in using stories for a range of language rich and playful activities (advisory role) 

VVOB is inviting bidders to come up with proposal at least includes: consultant's expertise and credential, description about technical methodologies, finnancial proposals, and an estimate of cost for accomodation and travel. Please look at attached TOR for further details on proposal requirements. 

Deadline for proposal submission: by 9:00am, 7 September, 2020

The proposal shoul be emailed to:

Please read the full Terms of Reference (TOR) in the link below: