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Context of the Consultancy

VVOB Vietnam is engaged in a 5-year program that aims to identify and mitigate the main barriers to learning in early years in 3 central provinces (BaMi program). Simultaneously it is implementing a 3-year project to address gender stereotypes and prevent gender-based violence through gender-responsive early childhood education (GENTLE project) being co-funded by European Union and Belgian Government.

The GENTLE project has started since June 2018 and end in May 2021. It transforms preschools in 15 districts in central Vietnam into environments of gender-responsive play-based learning, involving parents (and fathers in particular) to the fullest in the process. The project centres on developing the capacity of preschool teachers and school leaders to challenge social and gender norms, create new rules, and support children in adopting new, more equitable attitudes and behaviours. They are provided with tools to effectively implement gender-responsive play-based learning at school and to advocate for this approach at home too with the parents of their young learners.

Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a documentary film and taking photos of the GENTLE programme highlighting best approaches, best practices, achievements and real impacts in the programme focal areas to summarize and report to donors and partners, use on internet, communication channels and presentations in the coming time.

Audiences are domestic, international and local partners.

Please download the TOR below for more information.