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With the financial support from LEGO foundation, VVOB together with its partners will develop and air a set of video clips on Learning through Play (LtP) and organize a series of play-day events in 8 selected provinces of the country, all aligned to the learning domains specified in the Vietnam early childhood education curriculum to help children that transition into primary school overcome the learning gap they experienced.

VVOB Vietnam is looking for a qualified consultant/team to develop detailed activity descriptions, based on the list in annex 1 and guided by the VVOB education experts, for teachers to apply during video clip production and for play corners facilitators at Play day event that promote Learning Through Play.

The Consultants will be responsible to complete the following activities with results as follows:

  • A list of  maximum 15 LtP activity description by 5 child development domains for teachers to apply in classroom
  • An extraction of 10 activities of that list, designed for play corners along 5 child development domains at Play Day event

The consultant applicant is requested to submit to VVOB the team members’ CVs, proposal for this consultancy including # of working days; task assignment among team member (if a team application), proposed consultancy’s fees. 

Please read the full TOR in the link below: