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The teacher training module on 'Learning Stations' introduces the background, concepts and use of Learning Stations in lower-secondary education in Vietnam. The module, which consists of a training manual and a cd-rom with supporting materials, is designed to be used by teacher trainers (pre- and in-service) when they plan to organize training activities on the use of Learning Stations for (student) teachers.

The module has been developed by Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Nga of the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences in close collaboration with Ms. Leen Pil of the Centre for Experiential Education, University of Leuven, Belgium. The module builds on experiences of the Viet-Bi project (Ministry of Education and Training - BTC) for which Dr. Nga was one of the leading experts.

The training delivered by means of the module helps teachers take the step towards an approach which leads them away from the uniformity of class teaching towards a setting which focuses more on the individual learning needs, interests, level of development and urge towards self-realization of students. It pursuits an approach that deals more effectively with diversity in the school setting: to make sure that all students receive what they need to further develop from the point where they stand; to make sure that their potentialities are appealed to in order to allow them to fully develop. Dealing with differences between students, presupposes innovations at the level of the basic foundation of a practice predominantly consisting of class teaching. Searching for flexible forms of organization which make it possible to gear to students’ individual profiles is therefore important. Learning Stations constitute one of these forms of organization.

The supporting materials part of this module will be available soon.