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In 2010, one of the topics jointly developed by VVOB and DOETs is Innovation in Evaluation, emphasizing the evaluation of schools and evaluation of a lesson. In 2012 VVOB and DOETs followed up on this topic, focusing on innovations in evaluation of students’ performance, to provide school managers with a comprehensive view of evaluation.

The manual Lower Secondary School Principals with Innovations in Evaluation, developed by Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nga and Doctor Luc Thi Nga, is structured so that it is easy for the trainers to organize multiplication trainings and at the same time can be used by school managers as a reference material in their daily practice.

To achieve this dual purpose, the manual is structured as following:

  • Part 1: Activities
  • Part 2: Supporting materials
  • Part 3: Annexes

Each part consists of two main topics:

  • Issues that school principals should know in evaluating students’ performance based on competence; and
  • School principals manage the process of students’ evaluation in the context based on competence.

The issue of students’ evaluation has received much attention lately from all the levels - MOET, DOETs, BOETs and schools. It also comes timely since some schools in Vietnam have joined the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA). The manual is expected to provide school managers in general and school principals in particular with useful information that will support them to manage their school well in the changing process/adapting to this new approach of students’ evaluation.