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No one else rather than students will make decision on their study and career choice. The choice must base on their ability, interests, personality and career values with attention paid to the influence of family conditions, the current situation of the educational system and the labor market.

So the role of educational managers, teachers and parents... is to support students make study and career choice. Thus, it is important for them to understand basic career guidance theories and know how to apply suitable skills to provide career guidance.

The material 'individual counseling skills on exploring, selecting and developing career for secondary students' provides basic theories, 6 skills, 2 therapies and 5 stages in career guidance. Attached to this material are 2 DVD (1. an individual counseling case and 2. the clip on career guidance theories and instructions on how to develop career guidance for students). The readers can self-study by reading this material and apply the contents to all forms of career guidance activities with students, especially when you do individual counseling for male and female students.

This material has been used in training workshops and applied in two provinces of Nghe An and Quang Nam since 2012 and was also used in TOT training workshops organized by Department of Teachers and Educational Administrators and added to MOET national references list.